Building Hours

Dedicated Location = the location where you matriculated
Additional Location = the other DCOM location

All DCOM students can access both the Harrogate and Knoxville medical buildings with their LMU ID Badge.

  • With the exception of holidays and other administrative closings, students have access to DCOM – Harrogate and DCOM – Knoxville medical school buildings 24/7.
  • The main doors (front and back) to the buildings are unlocked Monday – Friday, 6:00am – 6:00pm. When entering any building outside of building hours, students must use their ID Badge to enter and remain in the building.
  • ID Badges must be worn and visible at all times. If a student forgets their badge, they must sign-in with the receptionist in Harrogate and with security in Knoxville.

Study Space

  • Students at their dedicated location have priority access to group study rooms. Any students visiting the additional location are welcome to use open study spaces, available lecture halls, and the library.

Mandatory Lectures and Examinations

  • Students are not permitted to attend any mandatory lectures, events, written examinations, lab practicals, or clinical examinations at the additional location. All students must attend these required sessions at their dedicated location.

Anatomy and OPP Lab Facilities

  • Students who wish to use the Anatomy and/or OPP lab facilities at the additional location must be accompanied by a student from that location. For example, if a DCOM – Knoxville student is using the DCOM – Harrogate Anatomy Lab, they must be with a DCOM – Harrogate student at all times.