Grievance Procedure for Student with Disabilities

If a student is not satisfied with the accommodations granted by the Office of Student Services they have 30 days to file an appeal in writing. All grievances concerning any aspect of the services or accommodations provided to a student with a disability, or related to any issue related to Section 504 or the ADA, should be taken to the LMU-DCOM Accommodations Grievance Committee.

The standing members of the LMU-DCOM grievance committee will be appointed by the Dean of LMU-DCOM. If there is a conflict between a standing member and the student filing the appeal then the standing member may be replaced by another faculty member appointed by the Dean. If the student has new or additional documentation relating to the candidate’s disability, the candidate may submit this material to the appeal committee. The purpose of the appeal is to look at the material that was originally presented to the Office of Admissions and Student Services. If the student has material or documentation that elaborates on the original request they may present this material to the appeals committee.

The committee will conduct a thorough review of the appeal. The grievance committee will make their recommendation to the Dean of LMU-DCOM within ten working days after meeting with the student. The decision of the grievance committee is final.