Request for Accommodations

The following procedure must be followed in order for any student with a disability to receive accommodations:

  1. For each semester an accommodation is requested, the student must submit a request for accommodations to the LMU Office of Accessible Education Services and the required documentation (see Documentation Guidelines below).
  2. The ADA Director will discuss with the student arrangements for reasonable accommodations the student should be prepared to discuss specific accommodations needs.
  3. The ADA Director, in consultation with General Counsel as necessary, will make a determination regarding the request.
  4. If accommodations are approved, a Student Accommodation Form will be prepared by the ADA Director listing the accommodations. The student will take the form to DCOM Student Services attn: the Director of Academic Support for signature. The Director of Academic Support will maintain the Student Accommodation Form and notify appropriate faculty, staff, and exam monitors.
  5. If a student is not satisfied with decision of the Office Accessible Education Services, the student may file an appeal with the Accommodations Grievance Committee (see Grievance Procedure below).