Sex Offense Prevention Programs and Procedures

Sex offense prevention education is part of orientation. Prevention literature and contact information for local agencies is available in the Student Services lobby and at the Tagge Center for Academic Excellence, and students are encouraged to contact LMU Student Services counselors with any additional concerns or requests for information.

Students may access the TBI’s Tennessee Internet Crime Information Center’s Sexual Offender Registry (for Claiborne County) at: For Bell County, KY: For Lee County, VA:

Reporting Offenses

Students who experience, witness or are otherwise informed that a sexual offense has occurred should, at the student’s option, contact local law enforcement, a campus security officer, or university official as soon as possible (see Security Team contact information below). Prompt reporting is important in order to preserve available evidence, to obtain necessary treatment and support for the victim and to prevent further harm to others.


LMU will cooperate with lawful investigatory processes related to criminal investigations. In addition, allegations of sexual offenses brought against a student will be handled pursuant to the University’s Sexual Harassment policy and procedures. The University may impose disciplinary action against a student even in the absence of a criminal report, arrest or conviction. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, disciplinary probation, suspension or expulsion. The LMU-DCOM Office of Admissions and Student Services may, upon request or out of concern for safety, make adjustments to a student’s academic or living situation.