Student Progress Committee Hearing

As soon as possible the Chair of the SPC will convene a meeting. Because this is not a criminal court, the level of proof for a decision shall be “substantial evidence” and not the strict criminal law standard of “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” If a student fails to appear before the SPC, the matter will be resolved in his/her absence.

  1. All proceedings are confidential. The meetings are closed to anyone not in the University community. Only witnesses, the student’s advisor, the committee members, and the accused student will be allowed to attend the meeting.
  2. At least three days prior to the start of the meeting the student will be shown any written documentation pertaining to the case. The student will not be allowed to make copies of the material.
  3. If the student feels that one of the committee members is biased then the student may request to have this person removed and replaced with another faculty member. The request should be made to the chair three days prior to the start of the meeting. If one of the regular members of the SPC cannot attend the meeting, then a temporary member will be appointed by the Dean for the length of the hearing.
  4. The Chair will remind committee members that the hearing is confidential. The proceedings will be recorded in writing by an administrative assistant. Any previous disciplinary problems will not be raised at this point.
  5. The complainant and any witnesses will present their statements to the committee. The committee may choose to ask questions at this point. The student will not be present for this portion of the hearing.
  6. The student may then present his or her version of the events in question to the committee.
  7. Following the presentation of the evidence, the Chair shall request that everyone, other than the committee members leave the room. The committee will deliberate, voice opinions, and a ballot will be taken to decide whether the student has violated standards of acceptable conduct. A majority vote will rule.
  8. If the committee determines that a violation has occurred then the deliberations will move into the penalty phase. At this point, any prior disciplinary problems will be provided to the committee. After the Committee is finished deliberating it will notify the Dean of LMU-DCOM within three working days of their conclusions.
  9. Following receipt of the SPC’s decision, the Dean of LMU-DCOM will let the student know the final decision within three working days.