Leave of Absence

A leave of absence may be granted from LMU-DCOM for one of the following reasons: 1) a medical emergency; 2) a financial emergency; 3) maternity; 4) a call to active military service; or 5) pursuit of an academic endeavor other than the regular classroom work, either on campus or at another recognized institution or teaching facility. The LMU-DCOM Dean or the Dean of Students can grant a leave of absence. Only students who are in good academic standing with LMU-DCOM can be granted a leave of absence.

For a student to request a leave of absence, the student must submit a written request and meet with the Dean of Students to discuss the reasons for the leave. LMU-DCOM will then notify the student in writing about the decision regarding the leave and any requirements about the student’s return to campus. Leave of absences are granted for up to one year.

Before a student’s leave of absence can begin, he or she must go through LMU-DCOM’s prescribed check out procedure. The student must meet with the Director of Financial Services to discuss how the leave will affect their financial aid eligibility. The official date of the leave of absence will be the date of receipt of the student’s official request. Any tuition refunds or outstanding balances will be based on this date. Forms for this check out are available from the Office of Admissions and Student Services.

Students seeking to return from a leave of absence must ensure that all approved terms and conditions of the leave have been met and are submitted in writing before reinstatement will be granted. The submission of this paperwork is the responsibility of the student and must be submitted in writing to the LMU-DCOM by the preceding April 30th of the academic year the student wishes to be readmitted. The written request should be directed to the LMU-DCOM Dean of Students.

Students granted a medical leave of absence must have a licensed physician or mental healthcare provider, approved by the Dean of Students, certify in writing that the student’s physical and/or mental health is sufficient to continue in their education program before they will be allowed to return to LMU-DCOM.